One couple got a «new» kitchen from their old one by doing nothing but painting the room

No one was ready for the final result! 😮👏The family renovated their outdated kitchen beyond recognition by just painting it! 😍 See what it looks like now in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s article is about Jennifer John from Australia who had long been thinking of renovating her kitchen the miserable look of which left a lot to be desired. As she had no money and was lack of financial opportunities, she decided to paint the walls.

With no money, she had no option but to, at least, paint the room so as to give it a fresh look and add their own unique charm and zest in it. The whole process lasted approximately 60 days and the final result left even her husband speechless.

Now, the wooden kitchen furniture was painted white and beige which seemed to make the area visually more spacious and the atmosphere more modern and welcoming.

Jennifer admits that they spent way more time on removing of the old paint, yet the final result left everyone speechless and earned network users’ respect and praise. All in all, the couple spent around 2000 dollars and got a new kitchen.

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