Neighbors Furious Over His House’s Color Choice, But He Refuses to Change It

Neighbors believe that the design of a person’s home can reveal much about their personality. The houses on Mountain View Street in Pflugerville, Texas, are typically white, beige, and gray, blending into the neighborhood. However, everything changed when Emilio Rodriguez moved in.

At the age of 4, Emilio survived a tragic car accident that left him permanently paralyzed from the waist down. As an adult, he has undergone multiple surgeries. His house, part of the “Keep Austin Weird” philosophy, reflects his vibrant personality and is wheelchair accessible.

The color pink always lifted Emilio’s spirits, even amidst life’s challenges. To him, pink was a source of comfort and positivity during his health struggles. So, when he bought his dream home in Pflugerville two years ago, he knew he had to paint it pink. Despite pleas from his girlfriend and family to choose another color, Emilio was determined to follow his heart.

Inspired by his colorful tattoos, Emilio selected Pepto-Bismol pink for his house. The bold color covered the entire exterior, creating a striking “wet slime” look. He proudly stated, “I completed the entire back of the house first, then the entire house.”

In addition to painting his house, Emilio plans to install pink floodlights on the patio and driveway and even paint his wheelchair pink. While Emilio loves his pink house, many neighbors are less enthusiastic, feeling it stands out too much in a negative way. However, Emilio remains unfazed by their opinions.

Emilio finds his neighbors irritating, and he chose this area specifically because it lacks a homeowners association that could restrict his home design choices. He explained, “No HOA. No HOA. I specifically planned this in advance for that reason. I then explain that there is no HOA here when people become enraged.”

His unique pink house has gained a lot of attention on social media, with both positive and negative reactions. While some people love it, Emilio has also received threats and rude comments. Despite this, he remains unbothered by the negativity, focusing only on his love for his home and his inability to understand why others dislike it.

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