A student builds a 14-square-meter house to get rid of debts, but when he sees it from the inside, he is speechless

One of the best periods of our lives is during our time in college, when we learn new things, mature as people, form friendships, and much more.

But this stage also presents difficulties for a lot of students, one of which is the housing market. Finding an apartment is getting harder and harder every year.

A tiny room can often cost a small fortune, and if you’re lucky, there are still rooms available.

Since we are students, it goes without saying that we are tight for cash and that we already spend a lot on books, photocopies, tuition, and other expenses.
Texas student Joel Weber was worried about his living circumstances due of the exorbitant rent.

He therefore had a fantastic idea: rather than carrying on with the fruitless search and eventually having to pay exorbitant rent, he chose to construct his own wooden home.

Joel began by using library literature on architecture, spent all of his savings, and the house was completed a year later.

Joel admits that building the house cost him $15,000. “I knew it was a risk,” he says.

Joel was free to move into his own home and was no longer dependent on renting from anyone.

The house appears quite modest from the outside, but when entering, one finds that it is considerably larger than one may have imagined.

Despite only just 14 square meters, the small wooden cottage makes good use of its available space.

One example of a unique feature is the stairway, which doubles as storage.


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