A Man Built an “Unusual” House To Annoy His Millionaire Neighbors: The Narrow Tall House Became Famous Throughout The City!

Measuring just 3 meters wide but boasting a generous 145 square meters of space on its lengthy 43-meter plot, this unique home includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and even room for a garage.

Initially planned to be 4.5 meters wide, the house had to conform to building codes requiring clearance on each side. Despite attempts to amend regulations, objections from local residents, including a makeshift garden on the plot, led to the final width restriction of 3 meters.

Through clever design choices such as bay windows and retractable seating, the developer maximized the space within the confines of building regulations, resulting in a comfortable and practical home that has already attracted significant interest from potential buyers.

The realtor involved noted that while the house appeals to those seeking a million-dollar neighborhood without the hassle of a large lot, storing large vehicles in the garage can be challenging due to the narrow space. However, many residents in the area opt to use their garages for storage of items like electric cars, bicycles, and gardening equipment rather than parking vehicles.

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