Men are best friends for 6 decades before learning they’re brothers

Walter spent years looking for his father. Little did he know that a different family member had been around the entire time.

In the sixth grade, Walter McFarland met Alan Robinson, and they soon became firm friends.


The kids were in school in Hawaii, and they bonded over the mysteries of their families. Walter had never met his father, while Alan was adopted and had no idea who his biological parents were.

Throughout their teenage years, Walter and Alan remained close, even though they had pretty different personalities.

Alan was something of a party animal, while Walter was quieter and more studious.

Alan had an adoptive brother. But sadly, he passed away when he was just 19-years-old.
Alan knew that there was a chance that he had other siblings and was desperate to meet them.

In the 90s, they both got online and decided that they could use the internet to search for their families. But every lead went cold.

Then, when DNA testing became available, Walter decided to take a test.

When Walter and his daughter got the DNA test results back, they scoured them.
They were amazed to see that somewhere out there, Walter had a brother. Luckily, this person had already used the DNA testing service, so identifying him was easy.


Neither Walter nor his daughter could believe it. The results said that this person was Alan, Walter’s best friend of over 60 years.

Naturally, Walter called up Alan. Alan confirmed that he had also used the DNA testing service. But he had yet to identify his unknown brother. Walter then revealed that he had been that brother all along.

Alan Robinson told KHON2 News:

“It was a shock, yeah, definitely a shock. But then we thought about it, compared forearms.”

Their forearms both equally hairy. This, and of course the DNA testing, convinced them that they were truly brothers.
Then the friends/brothers decided to host a big party with all their friends and family. In the middle of it all, they revealed the shocking news that they had been siblings for all these years.

At the party, Alan revealed that he was still overwhelmed by the news.
He didn’t know when he would get used to the idea that his best friend had always been his brother.

The two then started planning the next chapters of their lives with one another.


They were both about to retire, so they made plans to travel across the world.

A news report on this story then appeared online, where it soon became popular.
To date, it has gained over 100,000 views. It also has more than 260 likes and many comments. People have been saying things like this.

It’s great to see that these brothers finally learned the truth after so long. But it’s also a pity that they had to wait so long to get this news. If only DNA testing had been around when they turned 18!

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