10 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Body Line

Perfect your body lines on the pole with these 10 easy tips for each body points:

1. Hands

TIP: Stretch out your fingers and hold an imaginary pen. Bring your middle finger and thumb close but leave space in between (as if you’re holding a pen).

The rest of your fingers naturally follow to achieve a beautiful hand line.

2. Feet

TIP: Point your toes. Place a towel on the floor and pick up the towel with your toes. Stretch out your leg and knee, along with your toes as you reach out to pick up the towel. Once you pick up the towel, move your foot up and down without letting the towel go. Remember to practice with your other foot too!

3. Legs

TIP: Straighten your knees and rotate your legs to make them look longer.

Straighten your knees as you stretch your legs out.

A quick tip to making it seem like you have long stretched out legs is by rotating your legs. Keep your hips square/straight and rotate your leg in both angles to see which angle makes your knee and leg look straight.

4. Shoulders

TIP: Push your shoulders down and back.

Straighten your back and push your shoulders down and back too. As you do this, your neck seems longer and you are also stretching out your chest making it seem more open.

Now practice this while you move your arms up and down. As your arms move, keep your shoulders down and back to achieve that elongated look on your upper body.

5. Neck

TIP: Keep your chin up.

When you are turning sideways, keep your chin up to achieve a beautiful neckline. Be careful to not overstretch your neck, aim to keep your face visible.

6. Arms

TIP: Stretch your arms.

Stretch and straighten your arms, moving them around to find the perfect angle.

Avoid overstretching, instead make sure to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Remember to bend your elbows to relax them as you move your arms around.

7. Head

TIP: Your eyes should follow your arms/hands.

When you move around the pole, your eyes should follow your movement. If you can see your hand, look into your hand. If you are stretching out your arms, look over your finger into the distance.

8. Back

TIP: Use your full range of motion.

Create an arch with your whole body. Start off by standing straight, keep your stomach in, and tuck your butt in and tight. Move your head and put your shoulder blades together as you arch your upper back as much as possible. From there, let go of the tension in your butt and get into your backbend completely.

This move depends on your flexibility. Avoid using your lower back as you arch your body to avoid injuries.

9. Body

TIP: Isolate your movements to find your perfect shape.

When you are at the pole and you want to move a certain body part like your leg, learn to hold the rest of your body in place.

10. Smile

TIP: Put on a smile!

As we move around the pole, trying out different positions and occasionally dealing with some skin burn pain, remember to smile. A smile actually helps lowers the body’s stress which will help reduce the pain you feel and make you look gorgeous too!

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