Firefighters calm down scared little girl at crash scene by asking her to paint their nails

In addition to saving lives and extinguishing flames, firefighters have a responsibility to provide their community the assurance that everything will be alright in the wake of incidents.

Firefighters frequently interact with individuals who have had a traumatic event, such as an accident or the loss of their house.

In these circumstances, excellent interpersonal skills and a powerful, reassuring presence are crucial.

The situation for two firefighters was that… who demonstrated that getting a manicure is sometimes the manliest thing he can do.

The North Davis Fire Department in Utah sent Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd to the scene of a car accident. They came upon a young girl who was sobbing despite the fact that she had been unscathed by the mishap.

The firefighters tried to reassure her and cheer her up. They began a conversation with her after noticing that she was holding two bottles of nail polish. They then went a step further and suggested she paint them with nail polish!

It was a kind, considerate action. It’s likely that these firefighters don’t have their nails done very frequently, but it gave the girl something to do while she was distracted from the disaster.

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