27 People Whos Selfies Didn’t End Well

Selfie – those pictures all Social Media Nowadays. Sometimes they are annoying, sometimes they can be funny. The ones we from Viral Strange will show you in this article are something else, funny ones but also complete train wrecks. Enjoy!

#1 “Went in for the photo and got a rabies shot”


#2 Well, I guess that didn’t go as planned. Or the person who took the photo is was trolling!

just a little bit!

#3 “Oh you want a selfie too? Here, upload this“


#4 “Just got a new selfie stick“

Maybe he should use the towel rack instead of the door to hang his towels

#5 Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a picture

#6 “Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby in a cannon.”

#7 “I may see a better photo of a man, a baby and a dog this month, but I doubt it”

#8 “Even this dog is sick of her sh*t”

I like to think the dog ran full speed into the door and splatted against it like a cartoon character.

#9 “Never left her hometown I guess…“

I assume she means going to the Liverpool airport?

#10 “Hey grandma, can you do me a favor?”

#11 Hey lil bud you’re old enough to take pictures of us now

well done kid!

#12 The look on his face lmao

#13 Another Grandma one, this one is even worse…

Modern Grandma

#14 Do you think she noticed it before uploading it?

#15 What kind of accident and what kind of surgery does that?


#17 Excuse me sir, i have a couple of questions.

what’s wrong with this guy?

#18 “My selfie with a duck”

did the Duck bite?

#19 Seriously, how do you not notice that before uploading it…

#20 “My girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me!”

#21 “Please honey not now”

#22 Yeah that’s a new one.

Like A Boss

#23 Oh Crap buddy, you’re in trouble…

#24 Dad Selife.

That’s how we used to take them.

#25 “My friend just posted the best selfie I’ve ever seen.”

#26 Haters will say it’s photoshopped.


#27 When one just isn’t enough anymore



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