15 Stunning Wolfdogs Who May Be Big, But Are Anything But Bad

Over the centuries, humans have developed a healthy fear of wolves.

Wolves are wild animals that are as prey-driven as they are merciless. Obviously, wolves do not make good pets. Since the dogs we know and love descended from these fierce predators through selective breeding and domestication, some people now breed wolves with domesticated dogs to produce stunning animals that can actually live alongside humans safely. In fact, people who own wolfdogs say they’re downright cuddly!

1. This sweet boy was dumped at a shelter when he got too big. A DNA test revealed he’s 87.5 percent Grey Wolf, 8.6 percent Siberian Husky, and 3.9 percent German Shepherd. No wonder he’s so big!


woman smiles with her big wolf dog

2. “This is the photo that made me say, ‘I’m gonna drive 800 miles to rescue that special needs pupper.’”

wolf dog hybrid curled up on car seat

3. “My Wolfdog boy, Faelen, giving cuddles to my mom.”

woman cuddling giant black wolf dog

4. Excuse me, have you ever considered becoming a model? (No, not the man; the dog!)

close up of beautiful wolf dog with man behind him

5. Look at the size of this wolf-hybrid. Those feet are bigger than her head!

woman sitting on porch with huge black wolf dog on her lap

6. “His winter coat is coming, and he’s just getting more handsome!”

black wolf hybrid in fog

7. Yuki is another gorgeous rescue hybrid who was too much to handle for her original owners.

woman sitting with massive grey wolf hybrid on her lap

8. We wouldn’t tangle with either of them.

man stands with arms folded and big grey wolf hybrid at his feet

9. Um, excuse me… How can you be so cute?

wolf-puppy hybrid.

10. Almost 5 months old, but already stunning.

wolf hybrid puppy with piercing blue eyes

11. This has to be the happiest yet scariest dog we’ve ever seen.

woman sits with huge wolf hybrid in her lap

12. Someone got out the clone tool to make this beautiful hybrid a “mini me.”

wolf hybrid with his identical pup

13. “My Alaskan Malamute puppy Chinook in his cedar house.”

wolf hybrid dog sleeping in cedar dog house

14. “Happy Tongue Out Tuesday from Nymeria!”

wolf hybrid lying on couch with tongue out

These wolfdogs are so incredibly gorgeous, aren’t they? They may look scary, but they’re actually just big teddy bears!

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