Rescued Wolves Meet Veterans With PTSD, Their Reaction To One Another Is Truly Beautiful.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is an unfortunate reality for many veterans returning home from war. Many veterans do not get treatment for what they’ve endured and eventually succumb to its debilitating effects. They experience difficulty integrating back into the very life they left behind before their time in the military, making simple social encounters extremely taxing.

The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) is on a mission to change that. They offer an alternative treatment for PTSD that allows these veterans to go back to a natural state and find themselves again. The way it works is extraordinarily unique.

The LARC pairs disabled veterans with wolves rescued from the wild and illegal breeding programs around the country. Every wounded warrior bonds with a wolf, and the two remain inseparable until the former serviceman decides to go home.

These beautiful animals help veterans get back in touch with nature, and with themselves, in a big way. Both wolf and veteran find themselves again through companionship with one another… and the results are incredible. It’s almost as if the fierceness, of both the wolf and warrior, causes them to bond in an incredible, natural, and freeing way.

Check out the amazing difference these wolves make in the lives of veterans below!

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