This stray dog ​​was feared and driven with sticks and stones because of his appearance. Only in the shelter the whole truth about the animal was revealed

The dog, who would later be given the nickname Castiel, wandered the streets of Los Angeles all alone.  He wanted to find a piece of bread and
human kindness and care if he was lucky.  However, few people were willing to approach the weak, shabby animal. Some even became frightened and used such an arsenal of means to expel stray dogs as sticks and stones. But, to great joy, there are also kind people in this world, and one of them saw this dog and realized that he needed immediate help.  The man called animal rights activists and a group of rescuers went to look for the animal. Only in the shelter, it turned out who he is.

It was a rare representative of a wolfdog, a real hybrid of a dog and a wolf, and therefore the shelter staff faced the fact. He was considered a wild animal, and it is forbidden to keep them in a shelter. But to great joy, an organization that dealt with wolves and their hybrids found out about him and helped them.  However, before getting to the new owners, Castiel needed to be cured, physically, and heal mental wounds.

But love and care with proper, competent care did the impossible – the wolfdog began to recover very quickly. Veterinarians cured scabies and he began to grow new fur, and good nutrition normalized his weight. And then the moment came when he was handed over to the reserve, towards a new life and new friends.  Volunteers realized that he might have difficulty adapting to the pack because he was use to living alone.

He did not trust people, and he was not used to his associates.  But Castiel at first simply enjoyed the good conditions, and then the stage of looking at the rest of the animals that lived with him in the reserve just began.
The workers came to a common decision that only love can cure his loneliness and found him a mate, a female wolfdog named Tenali, who, at that time, was three years old.

Tenali’s temper is affectionate and energetic and calm and shy Castiel was even somewhat embarrassed.  But she was also inherent in female wisdom, so she did not force things, but simply waited until they got used to her. A couple of days later, Castiel realized that there would be no harm from Tenali and began to make attempts to get closer. It turned out to be mutual love and this amazing couple went through the day spent together.

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