How the brave cat saved the boy from the dog

No matter how strange it sounds, but in our story the cat saved the boy from the dog. We often hear stories about how a dog comes running to help children. But in our story, just the opposite is true.

A little boy, whose name is Robert, and who is 4 years old, was riding a bicycle near his house. His cat was walking next to him. At this time, the gate of a neighboring house opened, and a dog ran out of there.

She ran up to the boy and grabbed his leg. The boy was almost cut down from the bike. The cat saw this, she quickly ran up to the boy. The dog, most likely out of surprise, she probably did not expect such quickness from the cat, began to run away.

If not for the cat, the dog could have done more harm to the boy. The child was taken to the doctor, he had a small wound on his leg. The doctors treated her and sent the mother and baby home. This is such an unusual story.
The cat was awarded for saving the boy’s life. The little boy’s family was very surprised and happy at the same time.

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