The young man saved the wolf cub, and a year later the wolf repaid the debt

It has long been no secret that animals often have more human qualities than humans. Several friends decided to go on vacation to the village in the summer, where the grandmother of one of the guys lived. At the same time, the guys helped granny with the housework, in the garden, and went to rest in the forest and on the river. This summer was dry, so forest fires often occurred. One day, a forester came to my grandmother and asked her assistants to dig ditches that would help stop the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

Friends grabbed shovels and went into the forest. When they approached the forest, they saw a fire in the distance. One of the guys saw a wolf cub sitting among the trees and surrounded by flames. The guy rushed to that place and took out the beast from the fire.The wolf cub’s fur was badly burned and there were many burns. Friends went to the vet. The doctor said that the animal most likely would not survive, but the young man did not want to give up. For several weeks he was engaged in the treatment of the wolf cub, and in the end he began to recover.

Summer came to an end and friends had to return to the city. The boy tried to come to the wolf as often as possible. A year later, the guy came back to his grandmother in the village, and she told him that his friend had run back to the forest, because he could not live long in captivity.

The young man did not even think that the following story would ever happen to him: one evening, when it was already dark on the street, he was returning home through the forest, deciding to take a shortcut, he suddenly heard that someone was following him. It turned out that he was pursued by a whole pack of wolves.

The boy ran, but stumbled on the root of a tree and fell. He looked at a pack of wolves and among them he saw a familiar already adult wolf cub, whom he had saved last summer. One of the animals tried to attack the young man, but the rescued wolf did not allow him to do so. He stood in front of him and bared his teeth at all the other wolves.

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