The 18-year-old singer brought the judge to tears during her performance of the song You Raise Me Up

18-year-old Carlotta Bach showed off her singing talent in one of the for The Voice of Germany 2023 and impressed the judges with her performance.

She took the stage to perform his world-famous hit “You Raise Me Up” and brought some of the judges to tears with her performance.

The video of the performance, published on the official YouTube channel of the show “The Voice of Germany”, has already become a hit – on the aforementioned network alone, the video has already received more than 300,000 views, surprising many. Internet users around. world.

Carlotta Bach introduced herself to the singing show by singing “You Raise Me Up” by girl group Celtic Women. Some judges were moved and cried during the performance.

Listen to 18-year-old musician Carlotta Bach perform her world-famous hit “You Raise Me Up” on The Voice 2023. Will she impress you with her performance?


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