Unveiling the Extraordinary: A Glimpse Inside a Home Crafted from an Airplane


  • Bruce Campbell, a 64-year-old former electrical engineer, has always possessed a keen sense of inventiveness.
  • Investing $23,000 in 10 wooded acres near Hillsboro, Oregon, in his early twenties, he embarked on an ambitious plan to create an unconventional mansion using an ancient plane.

Creative Scheme:

  • Campbell’s penchant for deconstruction and reconstruction fueled his vision of repurposing decommissioned cargo ships into a unique residence.
  • Despite believing his design to be original, he later discovered a similar structure created by Mississippi hairstylist Joanne Ussery.

Altering Plans:

  • Inspired by Ussery’s airplane home, Campbell adjusted his original blueprint to transform a Boeing 727 into his unconventional abode.
  • Several modifications were made to the interior to suit Campbell’s needs and preferences.

Acquiring the Boeing 727:

  • In 1999, Campbell acquired a Boeing 727 from Olympic Airways for $100,000, facing the challenge of transporting it from Athens, Greece, to his Oregon property.
  • Despite the logistical complexities and costs associated with transportation, Campbell viewed the investment as worthwhile.

Interior Features:

  • Inside the converted Boeing 727, Campbell integrated essential amenities, including original seats and the aircraft’s restroom.
  • Additional installations such as a sink and a washing machine contribute to the functionality of the unconventional home.

By organizing the information in this manner, the narrative progresses logically, detailing Campbell’s journey from conception to realization of his extraordinary airplane home.


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