My Husband Made a Menu and Demands That I Cook Him Meals from It Every Day

Sarah thought her marriage was rock solid until the night she discovered a gourmet menu on the fridge, demanding she cook extravagant meals after exhausting days at work. The ensuing confrontation revealed deep cracks in their relationship, sparking a heated argument that left them both reeling. I had always prided myself on my work ethic. As a successful project manager at a bustling tech firm, I often worked late hours and brought home projects on weekends. Despite my demanding job,

I still managed to keep the household running smoothly. I juggled chores, groceries, and occasional dinners with friends.Tom, my husband, had a stable job as an accountant. He worked regular hours, rarely had to stay late, and had weekends off. Yet, he often complained about being tired and stressed. I didn’t mind taking on a bit more; I loved Tom and was committed to our marriage. But that day, it went too far. I returned home after another grueling day at the office, my shoulders aching from the weight of my responsibilities. As I dropped my bag by the door, I noticed something unusual on the fridge. A neatly typed menu was stuck to it with a magnet, and a handwritten note in Tom’s familiar scrawl read, “Cook it today.” I glanced at the menu and felt my blood pressure rise. It listed gourmet meals, each more complex than the last: Beef Wellington, Coq au Vin, Lobster Thermidor. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I worked longer hours than Tom, yet he was expecting me to come home and whip up these elaborate dishes. My initial anger simmered down to a cold determination. I picked up my phone and texted Tom. “What’s with this menu on the fridge? Are you serious about me cooking all this?” Tom’s reply came quickly. “Yeah, I thought it would be nice to have some structure and variety in our meals. You’re such a good cook, and I think you can handle it. Let me know how it goes!” I couldn’t believe his nonchalant response. If Tom wanted gourmet meals, he would get them, but not the way he expected. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. This was too much. I decided to confront him when he got home. An hour later, Tom walked in, whistling a tune. “Hey, Sarah,” he called out cheerfully. “Hey,” I replied, my voice icy. “We need to talk.” He looked at me, puzzled. “About what?” I pointed to the fridge. “About this menu.” Tom glanced at it and then back at me, still looking confused. “What about it?” “You expect me to cook all these meals after working all day?” I asked, my voice rising. “I barely have time to breathe, Tom.” He shrugged. “I just thought it would be nice to have some variety. Your cooking is always on top, and I thought you’d enjoy it.” “Enjoy it?” I echoed, incredulous. “I barely have time to eat, let alone cook gourmet meals.” Tom frowned. “I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.” “Well, it is,” I snapped. “I’m exhausted, Tom. I need help, not more work.” He looked taken aback. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I didn’t realize.” I shook my head. “No, you didn’t. And that’s the problem.” Tom’s frown deepened. “So now it’s my fault you’re overworked? I just wanted to eat better, Sarah. Is that so wrong?” I felt my frustration boiling over. “Wanting to eat better isn’t wrong, but expecting me to do everything is! I’m not a machine, Tom.” “I never said you were,” he replied, his voice rising. “But you’re acting like I do nothing around here. I work too, you know.” “Yeah, you work regular hours and come home to relax. I work late, bring projects home, and still manage the house. How is that fair?” Tom threw his hands up in exasperation. “So what do you want me to do, Sarah? Quit my job? Stay home and cook all day?” I glared at him. “I want you to recognize how much I do and pitch in more. It’s not about quitting your job; it’s about sharing responsibilities.” Responsibilities?” Tom scoffed. “I handle the bills, the yard work, the car maintenance. You think that’s nothing?” I’m not saying it’s nothing,” I replied, my voice shaking with anger. “But it’s not everything. You don’t see the daily grind I go through. Cooking gourmet meals is just another unrealistic expectation.” Tom’s face reddened. “Fine, maybe I don’t see everything. But you don’t appreciate what I do either. You make it sound like I’m useless.” I clenched my fists, trying to keep my voice steady. “I’m asking for partnership, Tom. Not for you to feel useless. Why is that so hard for you to understand?” “Maybe because you’re always on edge,” he shot back. “It’s like nothing I do is good enough for you.” “Because you’re not listening!” I shouted. “I’m drowning here, and all you see is your perfect little menu. It’s not about the food; it’s about feeling supported.” Tom stood up, his chair scraping loudly against the floor. “I’m done with this conversation. I need some air.” We stood there for a moment, but I knew this conversation wasn’t over. Tom had a lot to learn about what it took to keep our lives running smoothly. And I had to figure out how to make him understand without losing my mind in the process. The next few days, I went about my usual routine, but with a new plan in mind. I made a few calls and arranged everything perfectly. When Friday came, Tom walked through the door to the delicious aroma of a perfectly cooked Beef Wellington.“Wow, this looks amazing!” Tom exclaimed as he sat down at the table. I smiled sweetly, hiding my true intentions. “I’m glad you like it. I thought I’d start with your favorite.” Tom took a bite and sighed contentedly. “This is fantastic. You know, if I didn’t make you do it, you’d never discover this talent. But, if I’m being honest, the beef could be a little more tender.” At that moment, a man in a chef’s uniform emerged from the kitchen. “Is there something wrong with the beef, sir?” he asked, his tone polite but firm. Tom’s fork froze halfway to his mouth. “Who are you?” he stammered. I leaned back, enjoying the scene. “This is Chef Martin. I hired him to cook this dinner. And I paid him with the money you were saving for your new car.” Tom’s face turned several shades of red as he struggled to find words. “You…you did what?” “I work long hours, manage the household, and now you expect me to cook gourmet meals every day? I thought you could use a lesson in what it takes to put together a meal like this. Chef Martin is an expert, and even he can’t make the beef perfect every time. Maybe now you’ll appreciate what I do a bit more.” Chef Martin smiled and nodded. “It’s not easy, sir. Cooking these dishes takes a lot of skill and time.” Tom sat back, his arrogance deflated. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I didn’t realize how unfair I was being. I thought it would be nice to have these meals, but I didn’t consider how much work it would be for you.” My expression softened slightly. “I’m glad you understand. Next time, let’s make a meal plan together that we both can manage.” They finished their meal with a newfound respect for each other. From that day forward, Tom never made another demanding menu, and they both took turns cooking, creating simple but delicious meals together.

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