A Woman Turned a 1966 Bus into a Comfortable and Cozy Home on Wheels

Greyhound RV.

This incredible story began when Jessie Lipskin, a little girl, watched the documentary “Trash Warrior,” in which the main character, inspired by environmental beliefs, created a house out of everyday trash. She conceived an idea to build an eco-friendly alternative dwelling after watching eco-architect Michael Reynolds’ odd presentation in which he makes boats out of rubbish and recyclable materials.

The mobile home’s inside is entirely built of natural materials.

They were also highly impacted by the concept of minimalism, which holds that people don’t need as many items or as large residences. So, after getting rid of everything extraneous and fitting everything into one suitcase, she went in search of a suitable vehicle platform to build the tiny house on.

Jessie Lipskin sought the assistance of friends and acquaintances.

The job of renovating an old bus into a pleasant and beautiful compact dwelling began that day. Jessie began arranging the living area after removing all of the furniture and trim, as she wanted to construct an eco-friendly house that was as simple as possible: it had everything she needed for four people to live happily together.

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