A Mother’s Nightmare: Snakes in the Walls of Her New Home!

When searching for a new home, most people come armed with a lengthy checklist of requirements. Some seek a specific number of bedrooms, while others desire a sprawling yard or a spacious garage. While individual tastes may differ, there are undoubtedly a few traits that none of us would want in a new home.

A Mother of two moves into her first house, but she notice that her dog acting suspiciously, at that point, she checks the walls out.

Amber Hall, a 42-year-old mother of two, believed she had found her dream first home when she moved into a charming four-bedroom house in Centennial, Colorado. She imagined her family enjoying the backyard and creating happy memories in their new home. However, little did she know about the property’s previous inhabitants – snakes!


With the house purchase complete, Amber was excited about settling into her new home. But soon, her dog’s strange behavior caught her attention. The dog froze and stared at something slowly moving. Curious, Amber went to investigate, thinking it might be a spider. To her horror, she discovered snakes crawling up the wall!

Yes, you read it right – snakes in the walls! These sizable serpents had made a comfortable nest within the wall adjacent to the door connecting the garage to the backyard. The warmth emanating from the wall suggested that there were even more inside. Amber described the snakes as “astonishingly big.”

Upon conducting research, Amber discovered that these were a type of garter snake, although unusually large. Worried about the safety of her family, Amber enlisted the help of a snake wrangler to remove the snakes humanely. To her surprise, the wrangler informed her that some of these snakes might have been in the house for as long as two years!

“I can’t even unpack my stuff because I’m convinced there might be snakes lurking inside the boxes,” Amber admitted. “It’s like jumping into bed and quickly pulling the sheets off to make sure there’s no one under there.”

In her desperation to make her home snake-free, Amber has already spent nearly $1,000. But she fears that she won’t feel secure until every inch of the house is inspected to unearth the true extent of the snake invasion. It’s a nightmare situation for any homeowner, especially one like Amber who worked her whole life to afford her first home.

What should Amber do? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s spread awareness about this snake-infested ordeal and support Amber and her children as they navigate this challenging situation.


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