Michael J. Fox and Coldplay Set New Glastonbury Record (Plus a Social Experiment)!

Last Saturday, Coldplay broke ground by performing at the historic Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival for the first time. They have headlined the festival five times before. Since2002, the band has consistently touched down between career peaks at Worthy Farm, whose pop-sacred fields have served as a subtle background to their career. Glasto is now more of a basecamp than a festival for the band.

The Saturday headline performance by Coldplay at Glastonbury was jam-packed with special guests and unforgettable memories, following their longest hiatus from the festival to date.

With the legendary ballad “Fix You” as their backing, Glasto’s 100,000-person crowd choir sung with all their might. Michael J. Fox and Coldplay shared the stage as their concert was coming to a close, and the event has since gone viral, with over 1.5 million views in only one day.

Michael, who is in a wheelchair and has Parkinson’s disease, took to Instagram to clear up any confusion: “In case you were wondering…Holy cow, it was just incredible. You can always find the perfect band, no matter when you need them. Let @coldplay have his moment. Here Michael executes a spectacular leg kick to the big finale of “Fix You,” and his fans can’t get enough. They’re complimenting his power and musical fervor.

“The main reason why we’re in a band is because of watching Back to the Future,” frontman Chris Martin (aged 47) said after a spectacular final chorus, taking a minute to salute the living great. Mr. Michael J. Fox, you will always be remembered as our eternal hero. Our hero, Michael, you are tremendously appreciated.

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