Master carpenter gets ahold of bus and does a “no budget conversion” into beautiful tiny home

He revels in the details in conversation as much as he does in practice. This is one bus I’d never want to get off of. 😍

Imagine converting a 1985 Crown school bus into a home on wheels, turning it into a luxurious yacht-like retreat.

This bus underwent a significant transformation, starting with a 14-inch roof raise and the installation of a Cummins 855 big cam pancake engine

With 2600 watts of solar power on the roof, it’s not just any bus; it’s an eco-friendly, self-sustaining marvel.

The exterior of the bus saw some major upgrades, from swapping two headlights for four and adding headlight blinkers that also serve as a mosquito repellent, to installing a solar maintenance platform.

Extra doors and a storage compartment were built, and the beaten-up metal parts were replaced to give the bus a fresh, robust look.


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