My grandmother refused to make repairs for 15 years; she doesn’t have much time left. But for her 80s, we got her room in order.

80 years old grandma refused to renovate her old house for 15 years, saying that she doesn’t have long time left. However her grandchildren surprised. When she entered the house she was speechless. She was only crying from happiness… 

She’s been like that with us, for as long as I can remember, she kept lamenting that she didn’t have long left. Whatever you offer, right away, why would she need it, she will soon be gone. I was sad when my grandfather passed away; he passed away completely young, right after 50.

Fortunately, grandma, although she doesn’t plan to live long, is trying to enjoy life to the fullest: she’s always disappearing somewhere with her friends, she’s not averse to buying a new hat, she enjoys tinkering around the dacha.

Anything so that she will be remembered as beautiful and with a kind word.

So, with lamentations, she lived to see the anniversary. And for 15 years now we have been persuading her to repair it. At first she insisted that everything would be as it was under grandfather. Then she agreed that her grandfather would have forced her to do the repairs, it was high time. But she stated:

– Why will you invest in my repairs if then you have to redo everything for yourself? I’ll live as long as I have left, and then do whatever you want.

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