Man Saves Coins for 45 Years, Making a Big Impact at the Bank

Do you ever stop to pick up a penny from the ground? Those small coins may not seem like much, but they can add up over time. Imagine if you collected all the pennies you found in just a month. How about a year? Well, there’s a man named Otha Anders who took it to the next level.

Otha, a teacher from Louisiana, had a unique hobby. Starting in the late 1960s, he began collecting pennies. It wasn’t about money or wealth for him; he simply enjoyed the process. Even when the government offered to pay $125 for every $100 worth of pennies turned in, Otha declined. He cherished his collection. But why pennies? According to Otha, each penny served as a reminder to offer a prayer. Whenever he stumbled upon one while pumping gas, walking in a store, or simply on the ground, he would stop and say a prayer. It became a meaningful ritual for him, a way to express gratitude and connect with God.

Otha’s dedication to his collection was unwavering. He never accepted pennies as gifts from anyone, even his own family. He wanted the inner satisfaction that both he and God derived from this practice. It became a way for him to reflect on his blessings and be thankful for what he had. Over the years, Otha’s collection grew exponentially. He stored the pennies in large water jugs, initially aiming to fill five five-gallon jugs. But once he achieved that goal, the urge to keep going and collecting more overwhelmed him. He knew it was time to take the coins to the bank.

When Otha finally visited his bank, he brought in a whopping 15 five-gallon jugs filled to the brim with pennies. The quantity was astonishing, and Otha’s bank, the Origin Bank in Ruston, Louisiana, was more than willing to help him. They truly valued his business and supported his unique endeavor. Besides the sentimental and spiritual significance of his penny collection, Otha’s coins had substantial financial value. However, he faced a dilemma when he discovered that his homeowner’s insurance policy didn’t cover his unique collection. That’s when he knew it was time to move the coins to a secure location, the bank. Otha’s story teaches us important lessons about appreciation and finding significance in the little things. His dedication to collecting pennies and offering prayers not only brought him joy but also left a lasting impact on those around him. It’s a testament to the power of gratitude and the s

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