The doctor removed 23 contact lenses that were stuck in the patient’s eye

The doctor removed 23 contact lenses that were stuck in the patient’s eye

A California physician discovered that an elderly patient, who initially sought help for hazy vision, had 23 disposable contact lenses lodged in her eye.

Dr. Katerina Kurteeva, an ophthalmologist in Newport Beach, informed a local TV news program, expressing her own surprise at the situation.

Photos and a video on Dr. Katerina Kurteeva’s Instagram account, depicting the removal of numerous contact lenses from a woman’s eye, gained widespread attention in the media.

An elderly woman in her 70s, who had been avoiding routine eye doctor visits due to COVID-19 fears, finally sought help from Dr. Katerina Kurteeva in early September. She complained of a strange feeling in her right eye.

During the examination, Dr. Kurteeva discovered an astonishing 23 daily disposable contact lenses hidden deep beneath the woman’s upper eyelid. The procedure was documented, and the doctor humorously remarked that it could be a Guinness World Record moment.

While discovering 23 disposable contact lenses in one eye is remarkable, it does not set a record. In 2017, surgeons found a staggering 27 contact lenses in the eye of a 67-year-old British woman during preparations for cataract surgery.

Dr. Kurteeva informed the press that her patient chose to remain anonymous. Despite the doctor’s advice to take a break, the patient continued wearing contact lenses and even scheduled a follow-up appointment.


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