A man finds a wallet with $700 – A few days later…

Finding a wallet unexpectedly can put people in a state of perplexity and doubt. It’s a scenario where personal integrity is tested, and the decisions made reflect one’s ethical values. In any ways, in case we find something that isn’t ours, we should always opt for honesty, empathy, and responsibility.

A young man stumbled upon a wallet on the street. When he opened it in hopes of finding an ID, he noticed there were $700 there.

A few days later, he learned of a wealthy man who had lost his wallet and was offering $50 reward. He was glad he finally found the rightful owner and went to his home to return what belonged to him. Of course, he expected his reward for returning the wallet and doing the right thing.

However, the wealthy man said, “I see you have already taken your reward,” claiming there were $750 in his wallet.

The young man got angry and decided to get what’s his through court.

When the young man made his case, the wealthy man took his turn and told the judge, “Your Honor, I trust you, you trust me.”

The judge responded with, “Obviously.” Hearing these words, the young man lost all hope of ever getting his reward of $50 not knowing that the judge had something else on his mind.

The judge reached a verdict to give the young man the wallet with all the money in it. The wealthy man got angry, claiming the wallet was his, but the judge responded, “You are, of course, an honest guy, and if you claim that your lost wallet had $750 in it, I’m sure it did — but this wallet must belong to someone else because if the man who found it is a liar and a thief, he wouldn’t have returned it at all. The money belongs to the person who found it, unless someone comes forward to claim it.”

“How about my money?” the wealthy man asked.

“We’ll simply have to wait till your wallet with the $750 is found,” the judge answered.

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