Mom Finds Video Of Her Breastfeeding Posted Online By A Stranger – Her Response Is Brilliant

Breastfeeding is a normal and common practice for new mothers. You may find yourself needing to feed your kid in public places when you least expect it.

A young mother did this without realizing that someone was filming her in secret. She found the video and had a lot to say about it. Read on to find out more…

While surfing social media as she normally would, a woman from Maryland stumbled upon a video that caused her to immediately halt what she was doing.

Izabele Lomax paused to look at the video more closely, and what she saw verified her suspicions: it was a video of herself.

What she saw was a screenshot from an older post. It was reported that Lomax was filmed breastfeeding in public, and that her critics wished she had hidden her body.

Lomax found the screenshot on a breastfeeding support group, where it had been shared by a member of the group.

Attached to the photo, she wrote, “Just pulled up my Facebook and was greeted with this, and I just cannot understand how another female can say this and take VIDEO of this momma feeding her baby and post it to the internet.”

Lomax had a similar experience, although she knew it was really her breastfeeding her child in the video. As she put it, “I was like, ‘That’s me!’”

The new mom had no clue she was being videotaped in the background while she breastfed her infant.

The original poster of the video claimed they had no intention of making public breastfeeding mothers feel embarrassed. This person posted, “I’m shaming the woman who breastfeeds in public with no respect to cover themselves up.”

She stated that she did not want to expose her son to the sight of topless women at the beach or have to explain to him why the woman was acting in such a manner.

Lomax was filmed while breastfeeding her child on a beach blanket. She had no clue that her conversation was being taped covertly.

Lomax, however, did not take the woman who shot the film of her without her permission lying down and chose to retaliate to her.

She had spent the day at the beach with her fiance, baby, and parents when things took a turn for the worse due of someone’s disagreement with her choices.

Lomax posted her own video in response. She said, “Not only did this woman walk past me multiple times with her son, you had every opportunity in the world to say something to me.”

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