Mum With 800 Tattoos Shows What She Looks Like Without Ink In New Photo

Melissa Sloan, a British mom with 800 tattoos, recently revealed a different side of herself by temporarily concealing her facial ink in a viral photo. Despite a decade of sporting an extreme look, Sloan adds around three new tattoos weekly, often done at home or in her van. Intriguingly, five of her seven children are reportedly estranged due to her obsession, while her youngest, still living with her, admire her unique appearance.

In a revealing interview, Sloan shared the challenges of using foundation to cover her tattoos, saying, “It took me ages. I bought one for £3 and thought I’d try it that way.” Her family, including kids and pets, had mixed reactions to her concealed look. Attempting it again, her children reportedly refused to speak to her during this period. Sloan emphasizes the struggle of removing the thick foundation, stating it took “24 hours” to get rid of the makeup.

Despite positive viewer reactions to her more natural appearance, Sloan remains unswayed: “It’s my life… I like it crazy.” Her story underscores the challenges of extreme body modification, exploring the intersection of self-expression and societal perceptions.

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