Tyler Perry Responds After Madea Actress Cassi Davis Was Rumored To Have Died

There’s nothing funny about lying about someone’s death, but unfortunately celebrities have sometimes been confronted with false reports of their demise.

This really can only cause pain for the loved ones and fans of those famous faces, and apparently Madea actress Cassi Davis has been the subject of such a hoax quite a few times. Tyler Perry has apparently had enough, and he has taken to Instagram to assure everyone that the House of Payne star is alive and well and to appeal for these hoaxes to stop.

Cassi Davis, 58, has been part of Tyler Perry’s Madea family for the better part of two decades, and she is known for playing Aunt Bam in multiple movies as well as the role of Ella on House of Payne. Perry spoke on his longtime friend’s behalf – the actress has no social media – as he posted an update to Instagram for those who were calling to wish him their condolences.

It’s not surprising that Tyler Perry infuses humor into a largely unfunny situation, noting in the caption that he called her and asked if she was dead. Cassi Davis and the famed director apparently joked about the situation, as Perry said that she felt like she was in heaven because the food she was eating was so good. The actress said that when she read that Al Sharpton had attended her funeral, she tried to call him to thank him for coming.

Cassi Davis also pointed out that this was the third or fourth time she’s been the subject of such a hoax, and even though she and Tyler Perry laughed about her having more lives than a cat and joked that she’s like “the boy that cried wolf” (because nobody’s going to believe it when the day does come), Perry ended his message on a serious note, telling his followers:


Tyler Perry pointed out that death is not a joke to so many people going through tough times, and he specifically mentioned those battling cancer, as the hoax article he referenced said Cassi Davis died of lung cancer.

Celebrities often use humor to dispel rumors of their deaths. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill responded to his own death hoax with an Instagram post in which he marveled at learning that he’d died two days ago. Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen said he was “dying” to know what had done him in, and later posted an update, joking a neighbor probably saw his hot dog lunch and figured his end was near.

It’s good to hear officially that Cassi Davis is still with us, and hopefully whoever continues to post inaccurate information saying otherwise will hear Tyler Perry’s words. Fans will be able to continue seeing the actress on House of Payne with Season 12 expected to be a part of the 2023 TV schedule. You can also keep an eye out on what’s coming to theaters with our 2023 movie release schedule.

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