The old man brought sea water to his wife and touched the hearts of 20 million people

Recently, a video from Croatia appeared on TikTok, where you can see a touching gesture by an elderly man.

The latter approached the beach, filtered the sea water with his palm and brought it to his wife, who was sitting on a bench on the shore.

The video, published by a user with the nickname hahahanmay on the social network TikTok, became a hit there, and the scene of pure love has already been watched by more than 20 million Internet users.

We can follow an elderly gentleman walking along the beach in Split, Croatia, holding sea water in his hands, towards his wife – he himself poured water on her hands to get to the sea. The wonderful gesture touched many people around the world, with many interpreting the old man’s gesture as the definition of sincere love.

The author of the video concluded that his wife could not go to sea because of her age, but her husband fulfilled her wish in the most romantic and touching way. This is definitely a move that any young couple can emulate. Is this the most heartbreaking scene you’ve seen today?


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