Farmers found leopard babies in the field – they were crying and looking for their mother (video)

In a village in Maharashtra, India, a group of farmers stumbled upon a heartwarming discovery when they found three helpless leopard cubs in their sugar cane field. These tiny and vulnerable creatures were squeaking and searching for their mother, clearly in a perilous situation.

Given the proximity of human settlements to the natural habitats of wild animals in the state of Maharashtra, India, conflicts between humans and wildlife are not uncommon. However, in this particular instance, humans stepped in to lend a helping hand to these defenseless animals.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the farmers promptly contacted the Wildlife SOS animal rescue center. Trained professionals from the center arrived promptly and assessed the situation. They determined that the cubs were approximately 45 days old, appearing healthy and unharmed, but undoubtedly separated from their mother.

The first order of business was to provide the cubs with essential medication to address dehydration, as it was unclear how long they had been without their mother’s care. With their health stabilized, the time had come for a heartwarming reunion with their mother.

The cubs were carefully placed inside a small, transparent container, and the team positioned them in roughly the same location where they were discovered. To document the reunion, a night camera was set up nearby.

It didn’t take long before the mother leopard arrived on the scene, guided by the scent of her cubs. With remarkable maternal instinct, she swiftly recognized her offspring, one by one, and tenderly carried them to a safer location.

This touching and successful reunion was made possible thanks to the compassion and swift action of the caring farmers and the dedicated efforts of the Wildlife SOS team.




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