100 year old twins celebrate in style by wearing identical tutus to their party.

Introducing the lovely twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi, who celebrated their 100th birthdays recently in a wonderfully enchanting way with a magical photo shoot.

Brazilian photographer Camila Lima was drawn to these centenarian siblings from Ibiraçu after she came across a local news article about their remarkable accomplishment.

Camila gleefully gushed to BuzzFeed News, ‘I was so taken aback by their sweetness that I almost choked on my dinner.

Camila has been working on a touching project that involves photographing senior citizens for more than a year.

By immortalizing the love and experiences of older couples, she is now using her passion for capturing the special moments of young couples to inspire others.

She acknowledged that before meeting Maria and Paulina, ‘I had never met anyone who had survived 100 years, much less twins! It was genuinely unique.

Camila quickly contacted the relatives of this extraordinary couple and gladly provided a complimentary picture session since she was determined to make lasting memories for them.

The twins were pampered with makeup on the day of the session, and Camila assisted them in getting dressed for their special occasion.

‘The photo shoot was a relaxed and joyful affair,’Camila remembered, genuinely capturing the twins’ enthusiasm and excitement in each picture.

Indeed, Maria and Paulina have much to be happy about after a century of experiences. Paulina has six daughters, 19 grandchildren, and an amazing 16 great-grandchildren thanks to her unbreakable spirit.

She overcame both colon cancer and two heart attacks, demonstrating her tenacity and fortitude.

With five children, 12 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and even a great-great-grandchild, Maria is also an inspiration to many.

Their magical photo shoot was transformed by Camila Lima into a lovely memorial to a lifetime of love, happiness, and tenacity.

The twins’ narrative will definitely continue to inspire future generations as the pictures perfectly captured the essence of their incredible journey.


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