Nobody will be able to ignore this heroic father’s painful story.

Seth Magow, a 33-year-old American, can only be appreciated for his bravery. His lovely wife left him in 2013, leaving him with four tiny children. Seth had a lot on his plate, but he wasn’t frightened to be a single father. Even without maternal attachment, he did everything he could to make his children happy. “The children sat at the door for days waiting for their mother…”

Seth was just 19 years old when he decided to marry, and so was his beloved Chrissy. Seth, on the other hand, was already prepared for family life, which his bride was not.”At first, everything seemed fine. Chrissy and I married and had two wonderful children. But it didn’t last long since Chrissy became bored with the family routine. “I worked, and she stayed at home for days, dealing only with our children,” the father of several children recalled.

Seth’s young wife had lost interest in washing, cleaning, and performing her motherly duties. She soon went “downhill” – for weeks she disappeared in the company of new pals, just sometimes remembering she had a family. “The children eventually stopped sleeping in their beds and moved to the front door.” “They sat there for hours, waiting for Mom to return,” Seth explained.

The errant mother, on the other hand, was not going to return to the children who had missed her so much. The kids were struggling with her betrayal and had barricaded themselves in. It was all witnessed by their father, who remained sad following the divorce. Fortunately, Seth gained the courage to turn over a new leaf without his loving wife.”I saw how much my children were suffering, and my heart broke.”

It became evident to me that they were left with only me, and that their lives and destiny rested on me. “I had no right to give up,” Seth explained. Seth’s children, 10-year-old Stevie, 8-year-old Nila, 7-year-old Titham, and 6-year-old Olive, now hope to find a new love for their father as soon as possible. Their attempts to organize Dad’s personal life can be rather amusing at times.

“They can approach the first, in their opinion, pretty girl and yell “Hello! “Do you not want to marry our father?” In such situations, I flush, feel uncomfortable, and pretend I didn’t hear anything. And they are continuously pestering me to go on dates. But I don’t want to because I’m fine the way I am,” Seth replies. True, he went on a couple of dates, but with little success. “Of course, one day I will get married, but now I just want to be a loving dad,” he said.


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