Giant husky meets newborn baby for the first time

A year ago, a wonderful video appeared on the Internet where you can see the first meeting of a huge husky and a newborn.

Dog owners introduced their pets to a new family member, and many animal lovers were touched by the huge husky reaction.

The video clip, which appeared on YouTube a year ago, has already become a hit – to date, it has been viewed more than 6 million times on the aforementioned network alone, and many viewers were surprised by the tenderness of the giant dog. .

Teddy is a husky dog and, according to his owners, the cutest animal. Two YouTube creators shared the scene online to show the world how gentle, loving and caring giant dogs can be.

Watch this sweet video to see Teddy the huge husky and the newest member of the family, a newborn, meeting for the first time. Will the dog’s answer win you over?



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