Katie Couric finally reveals family secret she’s been ‘dying’ to share

Katie Couric has been “dying” to share some exciting news with her fans, and now the time is finally right.

The veteran journalist is going to be a grandmother!

On Sunday, Couric, 66, shared a clip she had been keeping secret for some time.

“Been dying to tell you. This is what happens when you go to a @taylorswift concert last summer and forget your friendship bracelet and your daughters say, ‘Don’t worry, we made one for you!’ #omg #omg #omg #omg #needmy🤓” Couric captioned the sweet video.

In the clip, Couric’s daughter Carrie, 27, handed Couric her own friendship bracelet. The former Today anchor struggles to read it before realizing it says “Granny to be.”

Her eldest daughter, Ellie, 32, shares she’s pregnant, and Couric’s jaw drops to the floor.

“Are you freaked out?” Ellie asks.

Couric quickly responds “no” before getting up to congratulate her daughter.

Congratulations to Katie Couric and her daughter Ellie!

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