The wolf rescued by the forester called him to the same place a year later..

Once a forester was driving around his territory and accidentally saw a wolf. The poor animal fell into the ditch and could not get out on its own. Having doubted a little, the man nevertheless decided to take a chance and help the gray one.

The wolf turned out to be quite old, so he had little chance of surviving in the forest: he did not have enough reaction and speed to catch up with his prey. The forester took pity on him and took him to him. And so they began to live together.

A year has passed. One fine day, the man noticed that the animal was behaving in a very strange and exciting way. Suddenly, the wolf took off and
ran off somewhere into the forest. After a couple of minutes, the forester heard the long howl of his pet. Dressing quickly, he went to the call of the wolf. The call of the animal brought the man to the very place where they had first met. It turned out that some woman, just like once a wolf, did not notice the hole and fell into it. But she couldn’t get out.

And given the frosts that were in those days, the captive would not have sat in the pit for a long time. The man helped her get out into the wild and did not let go anywhere. Since then, they began to live together as one family: a forester, a rescued woman, and an old wolf.

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