Will Smith Raps for His First-born Child Trey in Touching Birthday Tribute — Video

Will Smith gave his eldest son, Trey, the most touching gift on his 31st birthday. The dad recorded a rendition of his 1997 song „Just The Two Of Us” to mark his son’s special day.

Will Smith is one proud dad. On his eldest son Trey’s 31st birthday, the actor penned the most heartwarming message for his eldest on Instagram.

Will shared a video montage of him rapping his song „Just The Two Of Us,” tweaking it in between the lines. He recited the story while flashing pictures of his son growing up and clips of him recording his audiobook on the topic of being a dad.

His touching tribute was the purest form of love – a genuine love story filled with raw, honest emotions. At one point in the song, he said that early on, he knew he only had two options: he was going to be the best dad, or he was going to die trying.

People couldn’t help but applaud Will for his gift. Even the actor’s ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, couldn’t help but assure him he was doing a great job as a dad.

„You’re doing great, Dad!” Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, commented encouragingly. „THIS IS SO POWERFUL!! LOVE THIS!!” rapper Busta Rhymes said.

In 2018, Will openly revealed that he and Trey weren’t always close. When the actor divorced his first wife, Sheree, it broke Trey.

„He felt betrayed [and] abandoned. It is a wild blessing to recover [and] restore a loving relationship with my beautiful son,” Will admitted.

Now that Trey is 31, both Will and Sheree couldn’t be more proud of the man he’s become. The proud mom also made sure to share a photo of her son on Instagram to mark his birthday.

Unlike his younger siblings, Trey leads a more lowkey life. He is a musician and has a Spotify channel where he’s released two songs.

Will Smith’s raw emotions for his son come after his estranged wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s revelation that they’d silently separated. He channeled his love towards his son, whom he claimed was responsible for teaching him the true definition of love.


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