Matthew Perry reportedly ‘never fully’ got over Friends co-star Courteney Cox

It’s lasting love for Friends star Matthew Perry. Allegedly, Perry, who played Chandler Bing on the fan-favorite series, has never been able to get over Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller.

The two were close during the filming of the NBC series, as was the whole cast, and the crew reunited earlier this year for Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max. Though we didn’t detect flirting from the pair during the special, apparently there have been some lingering feelings!

Does Matthew Perry have feelings for Courteney Cox?

According to a report from Us Weekly in 2019, Perry has wanted to date Cox for years. “Matthew’s always been in love with her,” a source told the website, adding, “Matthew has never fully been able to get over her.”

Romance rumors about the two circulated in 2019 after Cox posted a picture on Instagram of herself with Perry after a lunch together. The comments were basically a never-ending stream of heart emojis and people weeping over Monica and Chandler. It was super cute, not to mention that Courteney sounded EXACTLY like Monica in her caption.

She received comments such as, “Oh my god!!! Chandler and Monica, Chandler and Monica, my eyes my eyes” and “The best couple ever.”  Hmm. It seems like everyone is into a real-life Monica and Chandler relationship.

But Cox has been caught up in other relationships. From 1999-2013, she was married to David Arquette and, after they split, started dating Johnny McDavid, who is her current boyfriend.

For Perry, he’s also had his own string of relationships, dating Yasmine Bleeth and Julia Roberts back in the ’90s. Then, from 2006-2012, he dated Lizzy Caplan. More recently, the Chandler Bing actor was engaged to a talent manager named Molly Hurwitz, but unfortunately, the pair split in June 2021.

Despite the actor’s personal feelings, fans would find it a miracle to see a real-life Monica and Chandler love story. Maybe even better than another Friends reunion.

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