Brave Men Save Wolf from Icy Waters Thinking It Was a Stranded Dog

Saving any animal from icy waters can be a risky endeavor, ρarticularly when the animal is a wild one. However, a grouρ of Estonian dam workers came across an animal that was struggling to stay above water in the nearly frozen Parnu River, and they sprang into action to rescue it. The river was mostly covered in ice, which the men had to chip away at to create a path to the animal. They initially assumed it was a dog, but upon closer insρection, they realized it was a wσlf.

The workers cleared a path to the shivering animal, wrapped it in a blanket, and brought it to a local clinic for treatment. Along the way, they were surprised at how affectionate the wolf was, even cuddling in one of the men’s laps. The vet who treated the wolf noticed that its blood pressure was extremely low, which might explain why it was so docile.

A local hunter confirmed that the animal was a wolf, and it turned out to be a one-year-old male that was exhausted and hypothermic when it arrived at the clinic.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the wolf was placed in a crate and continued to receive care until it fully recovered. The Estonian Union for the Protection σf Animals paid for the wolf’s treatment and expressed gratitude to the rescuers and the doctors who treated the animal. The wolf was eventually released back into the wild wearing a tracking collar.


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